Lori Desrosiers’ Upcoming Readings

typing with e.e. cummings   by Lori Desrosiers

typing with cummings chap cover

typing with e.e. cummings, Lori Desrosiers’ new chapbook (2019) from Glass Lyre Press is available from Glass Lyre Press and on Amazon. https://glass-lyre-press.myshopify.com/collections/chapbooks/products/typing-with-e-e-cummings

Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak  by Lori Desrosiers


Lori Desrosiers’ second full-length book is now available from Salmon Poetry and on Amazon. Here’s the link to the publisher’s website:


The Philosopher’s Daughter by Lori Desrosiers 


Lori Desrosiers’ first full-length book of poetry is available to order from Salmon Poetry:

(also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere)

Chapbook: Inner Sky from Glass Lyre Press and Amazon March 27, 2015
Inner Sky Cover Prototype 2 (1),

Upcoming Readings:

Book Tours Coming!!
New chapbook of poems by Lori Desrosiers
typing with e.e. cummings Glass Lyre Press August 2019.

New full length book of poems by Lori Desrosiers,
Keeping Planes in the Air
Coming from Salmon Poetry March 2020.

Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, 3pm
Charter Oak Reading Series presents:
Lori Desrosiers & Open mic.
Charter Oak Cultural Center
21 Charter Oak Ave., Hartford, CT

Booking now! lorif1000@aol.com or thepoetrynews@gmail.com


*Note to festivals, workshops and poetry venues:
To book Lori to read or conduct workshops throughout the year,
please contact her at thepoetrynews@gmail.com.

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