Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak


Lori Desrosiers’ second full-length book is available from Salmon Poetry and on Amazon. Here’s the link to the publisher’s website:

About this Book

“Lori Desrosiers’ Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak enfolds in an origami of memory the poet’s life and the lives of her family and others.  As with any fine poetry, the poems mostly transcend clock-time, soaring to a Blakean cleansing of the “doors of perception.”  In vignettes alchemized from everyday experiences, the poet gives us an “eternity in an hour” of music-laced memoir.  Here is an immersion in the dance of a woman who shakes off the shackles of domestic oppression; here is a gentle dreamer who embraces the liberation of being a daring writer.”


– Susan Deer Cloud, Author of Hunger Moon


“Opening this new book by Lori Desrosiers you will find of memory and search, of second-thoughts and playful indecisions, poems that go back in time to retrieve music and mend heart.
    Indeed, the reader will find all kinds of music here:  there is a violin that lacks music and there is a brother’s voice that speaks like father’s – but not when he sings.  There is a reveille at 7.15am, and there is a young baby whose voice is known by her singing. And it is music that brings half-deaf father back from the dead. Page after page the reader will come to learn that it is memory – that beautiful, final chord, which reveals us to ourselves, and yet is unwritten by us.”


– Ilya Kaminsky, Author of Dancing in Odessa
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Lori Desrosiers’ Upcoming Readings


Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak  by Lori Desrosiers


Lori Desrosiers’ second full-length book is now available from Salmon Poetry and on Amazon. Here’s the link to the publisher’s website:


The Philosopher’s Daughter by Lori Desrosiers 


Lori Desrosiers’ first full-length book of poetry is available to order from Salmon Poetry:

(also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere)

Chapbook: Inner Sky from Glass Lyre Press and Amazon March 27, 2015
Inner Sky Cover Prototype 2 (1),

Upcoming Readings:

Reading for 30 poems Project for Center for New Americans
Thursday, December 14, 7pm
Weinstein Auditorium, Wright Hall
Smith College, Northampton, MA

Voices of Poetry Reading
Lori Desrosiers, Patrick Donnelly, Karen Skolfield, David Leff
Saturday, February 10, 4pm
House of Books, Kent, CT

Inkwood Books, Tampa – Offsite readings for AWP conference

Thursday, March 8, 2018, 3pm with Naugatuck River Review
4pm panel: Haunted Poetry, Writing the Ephemeral
1809 Tampa Street, Tampa, FL
NRR table at AWP bookfair is #T1702

Cape Cod Poetry Group’s annual Poetry & Music

Celebration of National Poetry Month
Thursday, April 12, 2018, 7-8:30 pm
Wellfleet Library, Wellfleet, MA

Carrying the Branch, World Peace Anthology Reading
Celebration reading for Glass Lyre Press’ anthology of poems for peace
Saturday, April 14, 2018, 2pm
Cervena Barva Press studio
The Armory, Somerville, MA


*Note to festivals, workshops and poetry venues:
To book Lori to read and/or conduct workshops throughout the year,
please contact her at

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Interviews and Reviews

Here are some links to interviews and reviews for Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak, followed by others for The Philosopher’s Daughter and Inner Sky:

A thoughtful and well-written review by Christine Salvatore in Mom Egg Review, of Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak. 5/28/17

Television interview from Poet to Poet with Doug Holder of Lori Desrosiers: “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak”.

Review of Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak, in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, by Dennis Daley

Charlie Rossiter interviews me about Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak, from Salmon Poetry. It includes a terrific segment with Sarah Browning of Split This Rock.

Nancy Chen Long interviews me about my chapbook, Inner Sky, from Glass Lyre Press:

Interview with me based on “That Pomegranate Shine” from The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Trevor Conway at Poems in Profile.

Review of The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Cort Bledsoe in Coal Hill Review 10/22/13
Donna Fleischer interviews me about The Philosopher’s Daughter:

Jessamyn Smyth interviews me about my inspiration and my poems: 

Review of The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Robin Stratton Boston Literary Magazine, 8/11/13

Review of The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Barbara Bialick, from Doug Holder’s Boston Area Poetry Scene:

Interview where I got to discuss the publishing climate, narrative poetry, sex and society from VIDA.

Interview on The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Donna Marie Merritt

This is a meditation on my chapbook, Three Vanities, by Donna Fleischer. It’s not specifically about my recent book, but is important to The Philosopher’s Daughter because the chap shows much of the evolution of thought and image that led to writing the book:

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Where to Find my Work

Here are some links to find my poetry online:

“I See my Grandmother Bella’s Face” in The Worcester Review, November 2017.

“Blur” coming in Pirene’s Fountain 10th anniversary issue.

“about the body” in Skin Deep, from Pirene’s Fountain.

“Google Search for my Parents’ First House,” “Ceremony,” “Beth with Hummingbirds,” “Words are not Enough” and “Before the Split” in Peacock Journal, July 23, 2017

“How Small” and “Mother on the Beach” in Writing in a Woman’s Voice, July 2017

“For Now” in New Verse News, April 4, 2017

“The King of Television” on Nicholas Kristoff’s Blog in The New York Times

“Elephant of Mortality” on Split This Rock’s blog.

“Found” in The Valley Advocate article, Selected Poems from the Mass Poetry Festival

“For Gary” in First Literary Review-East.

“I Dream of the Bus to Hell” and “Since I’m Awake Listening to You Snore in the Other Room” at Alexandria Review.

“I Find Myself Craving Wings” and “Mother Said” at New Mirage Journal.

“Grandmother’s Hands” in the Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish-American Poetry

“Pressure Cooker” and “In Shadows of Cathedrals” in Pirene’s Fountain

“The Balance Stone”, The Bar Where the Physicists Drink”, “Guitars” and “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak” in Contemporary American Voices.

“She Wore Me Out” in Pirene’s Fountain

“Anniversary” in the inaugural issue of String Poet

“Les Cigales” in Pirene’s Fountain.

“At the Tea Tasting” in Pirene’s Fountain.

“That Pomegranate Shine,” “First Marriage” and “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak” on International Journal of Psychoanalysis’ Blog

“Sandbar Piano” at the New Verse News.

“Clyde” and “Neon S_ns” in U.M.Ph.! Prose

“The Day after the End of the World” in New Verse News

“Real Wrestling” and “Wrestling the Poem” in Clattery Wrestling Anthology

“Thinking Rock” in The Smoking Poet

“Reverie Obscura” and “Some Answers” in Chickenpinata:

“Conducting in Thin Air” in New Verse News

“Water Lust” a series of 5 poems is part of Gold Wake Press’ mini-chapbook series at

Video of me reading “The World is Flat” on Shape of a Box, a Youtube literary journal:

“Parts in a Box” in New Verse News:

“Twinkle” in New Verse News:

“Jalopy” and “The Gearhead’s Wife’s Lament” in Appleseeds, an Anthology of Americana

Appleseeds Anthology on Google Books

“Hudson” in Big City Lit:

“From the Porch” in November 3rd Club:

“Mother’s Tongue” (5 poems) Gold Wake Press mini-chapbook series:

“New Jersey Nights” in Love Poems and Other Messages for Bruce Springsteen, an anthology by Pudding House Press.

“Waltz” in Chopin with Cherries, an anthology from Moonrise Press – Feb. 2010

About the author:

Lori Desrosiers’ first full-length book of poems, The Philosopher’s Daughter was published by Salmon Poetry in 2013. A second book is forthcoming from Salmon in 2016. A chapbook, Inner Sky is from Glass Lyre Press (2015).  Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including a prompt in Wingbeats, a book of writing exercises from Dos Gatos Press. Her MFA in Poetry is from New England College. She is editor and publisher of Naugatuck River Review, a journal of narrative poetry.

Contact Lori Desrosiers at

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