Interviews and Reviews

Here are some links to interviews and reviews of Lori Desrosiers’ poetry:

Interview by Robin Stratton of Lori Desrosiers in Boston Literary Magazine July 9, 2022.

Poets on Craft: Interview by Bunkong Tuan of Lori Desrosiers and Gloria Mindock in Cultural Daily, April 7, 2021

Review by Lisa C. Taylor of Keeping Planes in the Air on Mom Egg Review Jan. 2021

Review by Karen Craigo of typing with e.e. cummings on Better View of the Moon. 

Review by Lennart Lundh of typing with e.e. cummings, on Goodreads, 1/5/2020. 

A thoughtful and well-written review by Christine Salvatore in Mom Egg Review, of Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak. 5/28/17

Television interview from Poet to Poet with Doug Holder of Lori Desrosiers: “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak”.

Review of Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak, in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, by Dennis Daley

Charlie Rossiter interviews me about Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak, from Salmon Poetry. It includes a terrific segment with Sarah Browning of Split This Rock.

Nancy Chen Long interviews me about my chapbook, Inner Sky, from Glass Lyre Press:

Interview with me based on “That Pomegranate Shine” from The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Trevor Conway at Poems in Profile.

Review of The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Cort Bledsoe in Coal Hill Review 10/22/13
Donna Fleischer interviews me about The Philosopher’s Daughter:

Jessamyn Smyth interviews me about my inspiration and my poems: 

Review of The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Robin Stratton Boston Literary Magazine, 8/11/13

Review of The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Barbara Bialick, from Doug Holder’s Boston Area Poetry Scene:

Interview where I got to discuss the publishing climate, narrative poetry, sex and society from VIDA.

Interview on The Philosopher’s Daughter, by Donna Marie Merritt

This is a meditation on my chapbook, Three Vanities, by Donna Fleischer. It’s not specifically about my recent book, but is important to The Philosopher’s Daughter because the chap shows much of the evolution of thought and image that led to writing the book: