Where to find my work

Here are some links to find my poetry online or in print:

“To H.D.” and “Sequoit Creek” in Impossible Archetype, 2021.

“We Keep Being Born” and  “To My Daughter, A Dream” in the inaugural issue of The Banyan Review Spring, 2020.

“I Dream of Wind” at Straw Dog Writers Guild’s Pandemic Poetry, July 4, 2020

“Trying to Sleep During the Apocalypse” in The New Verse News, April 8, 2020

“Cuddling With Mom” in The Mom Egg, March, 2020

“Of Alleys and Men” in What Rough Beast, Dec. 5, 2019

“Sometimes I am alive because with” in Ms. Muse, Feminist Love Poems, interview by Chivas Sandage, Ms. Magazine, May 2019

“At the Scattering Garden” in SWWIM Every Day, August 24, 2018.

“Stuck at the Atlanta Airport, or what we did for our 17th anniversary” (non-fiction) in Nixes Mate Review, July 2018.

“Poem with a Line from e.e. cummings” in Cutthroat a journal of the arts, issue 23 Finalist in the Joy Harjo Poetry contest 2018.

“I See my Grandmother Bella’s Face” in The Worcester Review,  Vol. 38, November 2017.

“Blur” in Pirene’s Fountain 10th anniversary issue.

“Song for the Earth” in Carrying the Branch, Poets in Search of Peace.

“about the body” in Skin Deep, from Pirene’s Fountain.

“Google Search for my Parents’ First House,” “Ceremony,” “Beth with Hummingbirds,” “Words are not Enough” and “Before the Split” in Peacock Journal, July 23, 2017

“How Small” and “Mother on the Beach” in Writing in a Woman’s Voice, July 2017

“For Now” in New Verse News, April 4, 2017

“The King of Television” on Nicholas Kristoff’s Blog in The New York Times

“Elephant of Mortality” on Split This Rock’s blog.

“Found” in The Valley Advocate article, Selected Poems from the Mass Poetry Festival

“For Gary” in First Literary Review-East.

“I Dream of the Bus to Hell” and “Since I’m Awake Listening to You Snore in the Other Room” at Alexandria Review.

“I Find Myself Craving Wings” and “Mother Said” at New Mirage Journal.

“Grandmother’s Hands” in the Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish-American Poetry

“Pressure Cooker” and “In Shadows of Cathedrals” in Pirene’s Fountain

“The Balance Stone”, The Bar Where the Physicists Drink”, “Guitars” and “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak” in Contemporary American Voices.

“She Wore Me Out” in Pirene’s Fountain

“Anniversary” in the inaugural issue of String Poet

“Les Cigales” in Pirene’s Fountain.

“At the Tea Tasting” in Pirene’s Fountain.

“That Pomegranate Shine,” “First Marriage” and “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak” on International Journal of Psychoanalysis’ Blog

“Sandbar Piano” at the New Verse News.

“Clyde” and “Neon S_ns” in U.M.Ph.! Prose

“The Day after the End of the World” in New Verse News

“Real Wrestling” and “Wrestling the Poem” in Clattery Wrestling Anthology

“Thinking Rock” in The Smoking Poet

“Reverie Obscura” and “Some Answers” in Chickenpinata: http://www.chickenpinata.com/I3P12.html

“Conducting in Thin Air” in New Verse News http://newversenews.blogspot.com/2009/06/conducting-in-thin-air.html.

“Water Lust” a series of 5 poems is part of Gold Wake Press’ mini-chapbook series at http://www.goldwakepress.org/.

“Parts in a Box” in New Verse News:


“Twinkle” in New Verse News:


“Jalopy” and “The Gearhead’s Wife’s Lament” in Appleseeds, an Anthology of Americana

Appleseeds Anthology on Google Books

“Hudson” in Big City Lit:


“From the Porch” in November 3rd Club:


“Mother’s Tongue” (5 poems) Gold Wake Press mini-chapbook series:


“New Jersey Nights” in Love Poems and Other Messages for Bruce Springsteen, an anthology by Pudding House Press.

“Waltz” in Chopin with Cherries, an anthology from Moonrise Press – Feb. 2010

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